What’s Between You and the Hardware?

This slide is from my EclipseCon Europe talk with Gordon Williams on Espruino.

It aims to show at a high-level what sits between our user software and the hardware itself and why it matters.

Arduino – an Arduino sketch gets compiled directly to object code and this runs directly on the hardware, i.e ‘bare metal’. This is great for directly accessing hardware but bare metal can be a pain, for instance, when it comes to scheduling when different things should run – then you’re on your own.

Raspberry Pi – is a powerful board that runs the Linux operating system, and an interpreter for Python on top of that. While you can do a lot with a Pi,and they are often used for running servers, sometimes it can be overkill for smaller automated tasks, and then you pay the price in power or battery life.

Espruino – Espruino aims to sit in the gap between the two. Its custom javascript interpreter gives some powerful functionality without having to give up tight control over the hardware. In particular, the interpreter includes scheduler methods which means it knows exactly when to go to sleep and for how long giving huge gains in power saving and therefore battery life.

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Kichwa Coders Speaking at EclipseCon Europe 2014

EclipseCon Europe 2014

Kichwa Coders will be at EclipseCon Europe 2014, October 27-30th  in Ludwigsburg. Tracy Miranda will be presenting two talks on ‘Lean Design Critique’ and ‘Javascript for Things with Espruino and Orion‘.  Read more about what she has to say about them here at the ECE blog. We will be participating in the Unconference as part of the Science Working Group.

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Why Python is not the language for science

I learnt a lot when I attended my very first EuroSciPy conference. Not all of it was practical. For instance, did you know Python is being used to come up with new breeds of chicken? So from animal breeding to cognitive neuroscience to astrophysics, EuroSciPy was indeed the place to be to talk with folks using Python for various forms of science.

Prior to the conference my impression was that science is all about Python, thanks in large part to the ease-of-use of the language and the excellent numpy and scipy libraries which are so widely used for manipulating and processing data. So I guess I was pretty surprised that my biggest takeaway from the Python conference were two other languages.

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We’re A PyDev Gold Sponsor

Kichwa Coders are proud to be a gold sponsor of Pydev. For us this is a continuation of the support we pledged last year.  This year has also seen Kichwa Coders join the Eclipse Science Working Group and become part of the global collaboration working towards reusable open source software. Python has always played a major part in scientific software and will continue to do so going forward. PyDev is the best Python development environment out there, we love it and our clients and their customers love it.  We’re excited about the plans ahead, particularly the Python profiler.  Here’s where you can learn more about the new features planned and join us in supporting PyDev.

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Javascript for Things with Espruino Talk at EclipseCon France

‘Javascript for Things with Espruino’ was presented at EclipseCon France 2014.

Here are some links and resources related to the talk.

Espruino & Demo resources:


Following on from the talk we’ve had some suggestions about how to tackle the Orion & Espruino integration and get round the sandbox issues so we plan to have another bash at that. We will share the code in due course, so watch this space and  feel free to drop us an email/tweet if you’re getting impatient.

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