In the fast-moving world of software development it’s vital that your embedded tools stay relevant and the open source frameworks that you build on stay right for your needs.  That’s where the team at Kichwa Coders comes in. We’re passionate about Eclipse open source technologies, and with our decades of experience in the embedded industry we’ll ensure your tools remain cutting edge and your business can gain long term strategic advantage through open source.


Embedded Tools in the Cloud

If you’re looking to the future of your embedded tools we can help. User convenience is driving a big move to cloud-based environments, but there can be complex considerations to take into account before planning and executing such a move. We work closely with our clients to choose the best new platform and to map out a migration path. We’ll take your technology forward to keep you ahead of the competition.

Custom C/C++ Workbenches (CDT)

Do you have an existing C/C++ IDE or workbench based on Eclipse C/C++ development technology (CDT)? Are you looking for an upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of new features and bug fixes?  We can help manage your workbench, keep it up to date and develop new features driven by your customers’ requirements.

Multicore Debug

If your customers are building complex systems-on-chip they’ll need effective tooling to swiftly and accurately assess any issues that might arise. We’ll work with you to provide effective multicore debug solutions tailored to fit any hardware architecture. Homogenous or heterogenous – we have wide experience building tools that quickly highlight glitches, even when dealing with vast quantities of data.


Want to work with us?

Send us an email with an outline of what you need.  We’ll arrange a time to talk. We can get a lot done at this stage, sometimes we can even solve your problem right then and there. If not, we’ll distil the essence of what you’re looking for, draw up a plan of how to achieve it and move you towards to a long-lasting solution.



Software Development

Let our team of experienced developers enhance the value of your project with dynamic software that gets the job done, simply and beautifully.

Rapid Prototyping

We’ll help you realise the potential of your ideas with a proof of concept designed to highlight any strengths and weaknesses – ensuring you get more out of them now and in the future.

Open Source Expertise

We are specialists in Eclipse open source software for scientific and embedded applications. Work with us and benefit from all the latest OS updates and developments. Continue reading “Services”


Women speakers pass the tipping point at Monkigras, and why this matters for tech.

At Monkigras last week there were more women speaking than men. It rocked my world. The ever-inspiring Dr. Lucy Rogers was the only familiar face. Dormain Drewitz, Pia Mancini, Mazz Mosley and Joni Saylor were revelations in the curated line-up. Then there was the unscheduled Linda Peng who seized the opportunity to promote codebuddies. And …