Javascript for Things with Espruino Talk at EclipseCon France

‘Javascript for Things with Espruino’ was presented at EclipseCon France 2014.

Here are some links and resources related to the talk.

Espruino & Demo resources:


Following on from the talk we’ve had some suggestions about how to tackle the Orion & Espruino integration and get round the sandbox issues so we plan to have another bash at that. We will share the code in due course, so watch this space and  feel free to drop us an email/tweet if you’re getting impatient.

Lean Design Critique Talk at EclipseCon France 2014

Lean Design Critique (Optimize UX when Design Time is Limited) was presented at EclipseCon France 2014.

Here are some links and resources related to the talk:

Kichwa Coders speaking at Eclipsecon France

EclipseCon France 2014

The Kichwa Coders team is in sunny Toulouse this week for Eclipsecon France.  This year’s conference features an ‘unconference‘ beforehand, where we’ll be meeting with other members of the science working group.

At the conference itself, there will be a host of talks on tools in action, eclipse in the industry, IoT and lots of other cool Eclipse related stuff.  Tracy Miranda will be delivering two speeches, the first on Wednesday on ‘Lean Design Critique’ and on Thursday the boards will be coming out as Tracy does a demo and talk on ‘Espruino, Javascript for Things‘.

So come join us and say hi if you’re there.

Dawn Developer Workshop, June 2014

Staring down the barrel of the beamline – good thing it was off that day

This year, the 2-day DAWN developer workshop had an added dimension as the first day was an Eclipse Science day. It was well-timed and coincided with the formal creation of the Eclipse science working group which is growing a community around Eclipse and scientific software development.  Diamond Light Source played host and the day included a fascinating tour of the guts of the synchrotron (once we made sure it really was turned off). I won’t be able to do it justice with words but here’s some great information on how it works and I’d highly recommend a visit to see it for yourself.

In the spirit of fostering collaboration, the science day featured sessions focussed around idea and technology exchange. This included demos of science tools all underpinned by the Eclipse framework: Continue reading “Dawn Developer Workshop, June 2014”