What Good Tech Events Look Like

KidsAdoreDitchMy 5-year old son and I walked into the Village hall at Shoreditch, not sure what to expect after making the trek into London following a spur-of-the-moment sign up to Kids Adore Ditch. We needn’t have worried, because from our initial warm welcome it was a terrific day-out. And it had me thinking about how I wish all the tech conferences I go to were that much fun. Here’s what it takes:

1. A diverse crowd

The first thing that struck me was how nice it was to have such a mix of kids and tech side by side. The room was bursting with energy. And it wasn’t just boys, there were girls and plenty of them. At one point it seemed unreal as I was chatting with a fellow mum, discussing the pros and cons of the Eclipse IDE , with a quadcopter hovering nearby and a little girl doing snow-angels on the carpet. For me a that was a breath of fresh air from the normal male-dominated crowd at the conferences I normally frequent (added bonus: for once I was taller than half the people there). Continue reading “What Good Tech Events Look Like”