Software Development

Let our team of experienced developers enhance the value of your project with dynamic software that gets the job done, simply and beautifully.

Rapid Prototyping

We’ll help you realise the potential of your ideas with a proof of concept designed to highlight any strengths and weaknesses – ensuring you get more out of them now and in the future.

Open Source Expertise

We are specialists in Eclipse open source software for scientific and embedded applications. Work with us and benefit from all the latest OS updates and developments.


Need some support improving your DevOps flow? We believe that communication is key to effective integrated software development. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.


High performance software requires stringent agile testing. We’ll take the strain for you with our high spec tests designed to bulletproof your codebase.


We can enhance your team’s skillset and grow their value. We’ll train your developers to work with new software framworks and provide clear pathways to ensure they remain effective.

Want to work with us?

Send us an email with an outline of what you need.  We’ll arrange a time to talk. We can get a lot done at this stage, sometimes we can even solve your problem right then and there. If not, we’ll distil the essence of what you’re looking for, draw up a plan of how to achieve it and move you towards to a long-lasting solution.



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