Welcome To The Kichwa Coders Blog

Like Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin, my first encounter with Eclipse was unplanned but fortunate. With a background in electronics, I was more comfortable with assembler than Java. However, that was the year the custom processor project I had been working on at Altera was cancelled. The only other interesting role going in the group was looking into a relatively unknown open-source project called Eclipse to see if it would be suitable for putting together a development environment for the Nios processor. I decided to give it a go. The rest is worthy of a whole separate article or two. But in short, I was soon taken with the clean architecture and potential of Eclipse for creating tools in an industry notorious for its hardware achievements far outshining the software tools.

After Altera, I had opportunities to keep working with Eclipse and the CDT, and I still continued to be in awe of how much was being achieved by the open source projects, and how much they were changing the commercial landscapes for embedded companies everywhere. In September 2007, I started up Kichwa Coders – the idea was to keep focussing on the areas I enjoy working on most – Eclipse and embedded systems. This blog presents an in-depth look into the industry from my perspective. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

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