How to use Python to hack your Eclipse IDE

The Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE) project enables you to extend and supercharge your Eclipse IDE like never before. As a preview for my talk at Eclipsecon North America, I put together a how-to guide which you can read at

How to use Python to hack your Eclipse IDE

Here are the kinds of things you can do with EASE:

  1. Improve your code quality
  2. Automate tedious tasks
  3. Prototype new features
  4. Quickly extend the user interface
  5. Integrate with third-party tools

My favourite hack is #3 where you can, with about 70 lines of Python, add automatic saving of dirty editors functionality to Eclipse. Something to tide you over until this feature is added to Eclipse proper.

3 Replies to “How to use Python to hack your Eclipse IDE”

  1. Very nice demo, thanks!
    Did you know, that Eclipse has a Workspace save interval in minutes for ages in the Preferencs/General/Workspace?

    1. Workspace save interval is for saving metadata about the workspace (preferences, etc) it does not cover saving editors themselves. Fortunately the Friends of Eclipse program is funding this feature.

  2. Thank you!
    True, though one of the things the script does too is instant autosave on editor deactivation or IDE deactivation (alt-tab). I find that keeps me out of trouble (especially when I drop what I was doing to go read interesting blog comments 😉)

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