Crowdfunding PyDev

Kichwa Coders is now a silver sponsor for the PyDev project.

We’ve been using PyDev since 2008, and it is truly the best Python development environment out there. With such superb features like its context-sensitive code completion, rich debugging and testing integration it is a tool that has helped us focus on the real programming problems at hand. The development effort, led by Fabio Zadrozny, is highly responsive and always forward-looking.

We are dedicated to supporting such excellence in open-source projects for our and the benefit of the whole developer community.

We look forward to the continued development of PyDev, backed by the Python community. We are also excited by the new features and the LiClipse project.

Join us to support this worthwhile cause at indiegogo.
Read more about PyDev and Fabio’s blog where he explains more about the history and motivation for crowdfunding.

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