Suspicious Semicolon: CDT at EclipseCon France 2016


The CDT project was well represented in Toulouse this year.

CDT Latest & Greatest

Jonah Graham gave a CDT overview with CDT: Latest & Greatest Tooling for C/C++. Mostly hands-on, Jonah used the C-implementation of the Python interpreter to demonstrate how to set-up, build and debug a substantial sized project with CDT.


This included showing some of the new features in Neon like suppressing Codan warnings and the enhanced memory view. Jonah also talked about the upcoming features including the new GDB console and improved multicore breakpoint support.

Suppressing Codan warnings in C-Python codebase

Arduino & CDT

The conference also featured a workshop and talk from Jan Baeyens on the Arduino Eclipse tools (Sloeber) based on CDT. This was a great way for newbies & experienced Eclipse devs alike to get a chance to play with some hardware and CDT.


As ever, EclipseCon was the place to collaborate and see how tools in our rich ecosystem benefit each other. For example, I had the chance to help an Eclipse platform developer convert their plugin project to a C project so they could do some integrated Java/C development.

Roland Grundberg, a Linux Tools committer gave a great talk on The State of Docker and Vagrant Tooling in Eclipse. This functionality works side-by-side with CDT’s ability to run and debug executables in docker containers.

CDT, being the mature framework it is, also popped up in talks on the Polarsys Track. Most noteably in the Polarsys Rover talk, Gaël Blondelle modifies C code and rebuilds to send an auto-park command to the on-stage rover. Cool to see CDT in action! Definitely a good area for future collaborations for mutual benefit.

CDT Summit @ECE in October

With plenty of embedded companies like Intel, ARM & ST in attendance, there were a number of CDT extenders and users present. It was great to chat with them throughout the conference and learn all the different ways CDT is being used. To keep this momentum going, plans are underway for a CDT Summit in Germany at EclipseCon Europe at the end of October. You can sign up to join us and be part of this great community here.

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